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MAGS PREMIUMS MALAYSIA is the one you can rely on for support in all manner of creative expressions - whether it is for work or for leisure. How do we do this? We specialize in premium and corporate gifts (cenderamata korporat) and we can say without any doubt that our variety of products and services are what you are looking for.

We strive to be a customer-oriented company that customers can trust. Trust us; we are really working hard for this. So you can rest assure that we are on top at ensuring the best premium and corporate gift solutions to meet your needs. As needs may vary, and don’t you worry about that, we also provide customized solutions for you. Great, isn’t it? Well, it is our aim to build long-lasting relationship with you. Our Team has great experience in dealing with wide range of promotional, corporate and door gifts that guarantee the best value. These are the people who will ask you bunches of questions to ensure your orders are completely satisfied. Their goal is to make sure you get exactly what you ask for.

So if you have the needs for premium and corporate gifts, you should come to us. We can accurately capture your requirement and provide the best possible solutions at the best possible price and the best of all, we can deliver on time. Try us. It’s worth it! Pioneer Malaysia.


Our Corporate gifts (cenderamata korporat) give a unique and creative flair to advertising campaigns.It helps your company stand out from your competitors.


We aim in turning your ideas/design into actual products. Definitely, you will be surprised by the amazing outcome of customized corporate& premium gifts.


We provide a comprehensive design service to our valued customers.


Stuck for ideas? Contact us. We will advise and consult you the best idea of door gifts for your events.
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