Wooden Crates 3

Custom Wooden Crates

Are you having troubles looking for the perfect packaging for your premium gifts to be outstanding?

Mags Premiums provides you with the best packaging choice for your products or premium gifts - the wooden crates.

Why wooden crates as packaging?

It is tough and durable to fit in any premium gifts as well as engraving or printing your creative artwork for better brand appearance. Hence, it is suitable to be present as a premium box for your customized gifts. It is also a new branding way for your products to impress your customer where it can be reused as pen casing for storage or coin box for money saving purposes.

Mags Premiums as a premium gift specialist, we strive to provide our best services and product quality for your brand. Therefore, the wooden crates are available to customize in any sizes with a minimum of 500 units. A wide range of button accessories is available for options to design your own BOX.

Wooden Related Premium Gifts

If you are looking for something decent and useful, let us know your idea of making wooden made premium gifts. You are welcome to send us your creative artwork via email or contact us at 018 288 1977.

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