Custom Tablecloths for Events

Reception table is the first impression of the company to all the potential clients during an event. Tablecloths are the main element to decorate a decent reception table. Mags Premiums is providing customization printing service for different kind of tablecloths. The 100% polyester material makes the soft touching texture and easy to wash even it is dirt with stains. Besides, the fire resistance feature of the tablecloths to ensure you and your clients' safety for all the time. All preferred sizes are available for customization in any way you require.

It is perfect to be used during exhibitions, events, expos, roadshows or even promotional events in shopping malls. The tablecloths are reusable for different occasions. You are welcomed to drop an email for information.

Fabric Recommended
  • 100% polyester Display 200g
  • 100% polyester Display 160g
  • 100% polyester Display 130g
  • 100% polyester Display 110g
  • After Treatment
  • Fire Resistance (B1 Certificate)
  • Size
    Colour Fastness
    7 or up level
    Finishing Technique
  • Double Stitch
  • Loop Stitch
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