Thermos Flask Logo Printing

Are you looking for a good printing service for thermos flask as a premium gift for your event? Mags Premiums is offering a good factory price for the logo imprint services of a thermos flask. It is available in three signature variation of colours: Maroon Red, Matte Black and the standard colour of Shiny Silver.

The thermos flask is made up of the unbreakable stainless steel material which is light in weight and convenient to handle. It helps to maintain the temperature of liquid for up to 8 hours where you may keep your drinks at the warm temperature for long hours. You can even make your tea with the thermos flask as there is an additional tea leave tray attached to the thermos flask.

  • Stay away from children while storing hot beverages
  • Avoid storing carbonic acid beverages
  • Do not use any metal object to wash or wipe the thermos
  • Avoid direct heating or will cause a destruction of vacuum layer, plastic deformation & discolouration.
  • Warm soapy water to clean

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