Fabric Wristbands


Fabric wristband is waterproof, tear-proof and non-transferrable which make it perfect for one time used tickets for few days events. Fabric wristbands have the smooth surfaces where it is comfortable and easy to wear. The 350mm x 15mm standard size of fabric wristband is designed to fit all wrists sizes for all age range of public. Various options for attachments clips are available to fit your requirement. It's easy to get your own design of fabric wristbands, design your fabric wristbands with us now!

Sublimation Wristbands

Sublimation Wristband also named as Heat Transfer Wristband. It suitable for colorful design or multi colors printed on one side or both sides. Any wording, message, and logo are available to be print on fabric wristbands. We are providing the printing service for any sizes of fabric wristbands according to your own preference.
  • Tear resistant, non-transferable, one-time used, suitable for few days events.
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to wear and very comfortable.
  • Designed to fit all wrists sizes
  • Size: 350mm X 15mm
  • Plastic bead
  • Wood bead
  • Metal bead
  • others
Woven Wristbands

Woven Wristbands are budget friendly for an event wristband. It suitable for simple design one color or multicolor printing. Budget woven wristband would be one color background with one color logo printed. Material : Polyester​.
Any color, choose from our Pantone Color Chart
Custom Printed Fabric Wristbands with Numbering

Need your fabric wristbands/ Sublimation wristbands with numbering? With advanced technology, we can do it! Numbering fabric wristbands are a great way to track your visitors during your events. It can be a tools for your event's headcount. We can print the numbered wristbands with the alphabet or without. For instance, U1234, U1235 or 1234,1235,1236...
Glitter Woven Wristband

​ Glitter Woven Wristband has the glittery effect which shows the classy brand image of your events. It is available in various colours and sizes. Drop us an email or call us for more information.
Barcode or Numbering Fabric Wristbands

​ Barcode or Numbering Fabric Wristband is available for barcode printing as well as numbering series printing for your convenience.
Printed Fabric Wristbands

​ These personalised fabric wristbands are made from high quality material. Personalize these custom fabric wristbands with your preferred texts, logos or designs to turn them into promotional tools for companies.

Custom made fabric wristbands are highly secured and stretch-resistant with their tamper-proof black plastic one-way lock that can be wore easily to keep your admissions secure. The one-way lock is designed to safely secure the custom cloth wristbands.

• Size : 350 mm x 20 mm
Satin Wristbands with 1 time use Plastic Clip

​ Satin Wristbands are another type of fabric wristbands. Printed with 1 color or full-color printing is available. Size and design can be custom made based on your request. Attached with a one-time use plastic clip or plastic lock as non-transfer wristbands. For multiple times uses, you may consider an adjustable lock.
QR Code Fabric Wristbands

​ QR code is a high notability two dimensional quick responses code which allows any smartphone user to access websites link or business cards with a quick scan.

The Fabric Wristbands can be customized with any colours of sublimation printing and it is safely attached to your preferred choice of a plastic lock. Fabric Wristband is perfect to be used as one-time used wristbands for any events and the long-lasting fabric material can be used up to 3 days.
Woven Wristband With QR Code Printing

​ QR code woven wristbands offer a layer of security and give organizers greater accuracy over their admission control. Using a custom designed plastic tag, we're able to print any QR code to a woven wristband.

Printed QR woven wristbands are a solution for secure events as they are non-transferable. Events that last few weeks are now using QR codes on their wristbands. Call us now for more details.

• Material: Woven
• Size: Custom Size
• Color: CYMK/Pantone Color
• Logo: Silk Screen Printing
Velcro Wristband

​ Velcro wristbands are an adjustable size wristband with an adjustable Velcro closure. The velcro closure guarantees they would fit everyone, young and adult. Perfect for runners, concertgoers and more! These custom velcro wristbands are available in various colors.

All types of designs including logo and text can be printed for these velcro wristband. Call our team now for more information!

• Material: Nylon

• Size: 20 x 200mm

• Color: CYMK/Pantone Color

• Printing: Silk Screen Printing
Velcro Strap with logo printing

Fitting / Accessories for Fabric Wristbands

Variety types of the bead or locks are available. For instance, metal bead, adjustable plastic bead, white plastic bead and so on.

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